Together ..We make smiles QI card..For a better life
Together..We make the future QI card..For a better life
Together ..We make smiles QI card..For a better life
Together ..We make the future QI card..For a better life

Latest News

  • Minister of Construction and Housing Qi Card: ready to organize the process of lending to citizens of the Housing Fund
    Expressed Qi card international smart card willingness to organize the process of granting and the payment of loans Housing Fund granted to citizens, where Eng Bahaa Abdel-Hadi said, "Qi" able to provide a system that allows more flexible repayment and lending to both parties, whether citizen or Housing Fund said Abdul Hadi said "to "wait Salutation official from the Ministry of Construction and Housing even begin to organize the process and guide citizens on how to use it is noteworthy that the Minister of Construction and Housing, Engineer Mohamed Darraji had said earlier that the loans will be distributed and paid through the system" in order to "address, calling the move civilization and stressed Darraji thatwork according to the system "in order to" reduce the momentum in the promotion of transactions and to ensure repayment note that the Ministry of Construction and Housing earlier that it has started to receive transactions promotion of housing loans by citizens and 35 million to Baghdad and 30 million for all governorates of Iraq
  • Sponsored Qi Card assess the Assembly Public Relations Iraqi first founding congress
    A continuation of the role of supporter offered Qi Card under the auspices of civil society organizations concerned with human development, international smart card _ qi card under the auspices of the first founding conference of the Organization of Iraqi Association for Public Relations confirmation of the role of public relations in communicating with institutions after it became informed him of its chapters and its assets and its members coaches and his style earn individuals and integration with the institution and the public. Where the conference was held at the Hall of Saladin in Palestine International Hotel on Saturday day on 05.11.2013 under the slogan "for building and strengthening relations between the institutions and their audiences
  • Qi Card its new resume Released services for retirees after a hiatus of more than a year and a half
      Resumed the board of national pension issue smart cards to card for retirees after a hiatus of more than a year and a half, but this time set up to card issuing within the body to facilitate the release, which should have been done in the banks and the difficulties great for the elderly, said Ahmed Abdul-Jalil al-Saadi Chairman of the National for retirement that the resumption of release came after large orders, which delivers it to a group of retirees they need to take advantage of laundry services card that will help their counterparts who possess in receiving their salaries away from the pressure of congestion banking, extortion and money damaged as well as being Setsttion the use of new services and added Saadi that the Commission agreed with Qi Card to open centers issue in all circles retirement in Iraq to facilitate the task of the citizens of his part, Bahaa Abdel Hadi Managing Director for Card said the company is committed to providing facilities to issue typical for retirees in terms of processing and the provision of comfort to citizens during the wait in terms of cooling the halls and the provision of water and places to wait suit The services of these ...
  • South governorates aspire to implementation of Gas Station project Qi Card
      Held in the Turkish city of Istanbul workshop expanded presence of the Rafidain Bank and Company sap German and Ingnico French and Mepsan Turkish and both houses of the province of Dhi Qar and Wasit During the workshop discussed the possibility of implementation of the project in order to discuss and explain the mechanism of action on the gas station (the filling station Electronic ) using the card tosmart and keep this project on public money, energy and ambition of some of the southern provinces of Iraq (Maysan, Wasit and Dhi Qar) for the implementation of the project to control the smuggling of oil and petroleum products and the development of a thorough study of the needs of the province of fuel. Maysan Governorate has actually started to erect a viable fuel stations on the introduction to await the start of the project to instruct after the provincial council
  • Qi Card: Opens halls issuing beneficiaries of Displacement and Migration
    Intends to Card on the opening halls issued in Baghdad Karkh and Rusafa in order to reduce the momentum on the branches of banks and said the Information Office of the smart card that given for big orders received from beneficiaries administration has decided to cooperate with the Ministry of Displacement and Migration opening halls issued in Baghdad working for twelve hoursuntil the times of the evening and myself work for the completion of the transactions people and also plans to open in Erbil Hall noted that slice of grant beneficiaries receive their entitlements displaced using qi card so that allows withdrawals from any place and at any time

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