About Qi Card

International smart card one of the public / privet  sector companies contribute to the partnership between the largest government banks (Rafidain and Rasheed) with IEPS,business administration salary

and is one of the providers of information technology services leader in the private sector since its founding in 2007.Its  Headquartered in Baghdad.

The company's targets : employment of modern technology in the financial sector in the Iraqi market, the company plans to issue 10 million cards for electronic trading over 30,000 points of sale by 500 million transaction.

Employees: The company has seven hundred employees of the most efficient Iraqi staff  in the fields of engineering and information and communications specialists in the financial and banking sector, experts and business administration.

Capital: 3,000,000,000 Iraqi dinars - the equivalent of ($ 2,564,000) dollars. Accounts: accounts of the Company shall be subject to the Iraqi Council of the institution of Supreme Audit.

The work began to the smart card in Iraq in late 2008, then expanded regularly informs the circulation of more than 1500000 E-Card mid-year 2010 and the company seeks to reach 6000000 card during the next two years and hold strategic partnerships with the best international companies to help develop the technology electronic card.

The ISC is proud for being a leader in the field of biometric-based smart payment systems at the national level. Which is done through a network of telecommunications via satellite that connects all bank branches

The company's strategy in market  is based on the implementation of a fully integrated payment and settlement systems conversion payments for environments of national and regional suitable for multiple applications and services, whether they are scattered in rural areas or large cities in Iraq.

The company also provides functional and commensurate with the needs of the population, and banks are working  to reduce management costs and dealing with cash for all payments and facilitate the management of information on the status of the payment and create logs for recording transactions.

The  smart cards also  can secure the  transactions "offline" in remote areas where as the traditional financial institutions services are limited or unavailable due to the lack of Banking infrastructure and telecommunications

All transactions carried out through  the smart card's  system can be made ​​by ATM or POS rather than the central system (as is the case with banks and a Traditional payment systems), in addition to that all relevant information necessary for the implementation of financial transactions held in the Smart cards memory , enabling smart card holders from to draw the salaries and purchase without the need  of a connection in areas where there is no contact. The smart card can be used in the identification and voting.